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Patent Detail: Crystalline Inorganic Oxide Compositions Prepared by Neutral Templating Route

Patent Detail

Superfund Research Program

Crystalline Inorganic Oxide Compositions Prepared by Neutral Templating Route

Number: 5,840,264
Year: 1998
Patent Status: Issued
Authors: Pinnavaia, T.J., P.T. Tanev

This invention relates to new crystalline organic compositions having unique combinations of framework-confined uniform mesopores and textural mesopores and to a method for their preparation. The compositions typically possess a framework wall thickness of at least about 17 .ANG., small elementary particle size of less than about 400 .ANG., and ratio of textural to framework-confined mesoporosity of greater than about 0.2. The formation of the mesoporous structure is accomplished by a novel self-assembly mechanism involving hydrogen bonding between neutral amine surfactant ( and neutral inorganic oxide precursor ( This templating approach allows for facile and environmentally benign recycling of the cost-intensive template by simple solvent extraction methods.

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