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Patent Detail: Organoclay Triphase Catalysts

Patent Detail

Superfund Research Program

Organoclay Triphase Catalysts

Number: 5,099,054
Year: 1992
Patent Status: Issued
Authors: Pinnavaia, T.J., C. Lin

In a method of carrying out organic conversions via heterogeneous phase transfer catalysis by contacting immiscible liquid phases containing respective substances capable of interacting, with a solid catalyst to promote the transfer of reactive species from one liquid phase to another, the improvement comprises employing as catalyst a cation exchanged form of a 2:1 layered silicate clay with layer charge densities in the range of above 0.4 to 2.0 containing an onium ion containing one or more alkyl hydrocarbon chains and maintaining the materials in emulsified form by having a sufficient chain length of an alkyl group relative to the charge density of the clay.

Associated Projects:

  • Michigan State University: Functional Nanostructures of Groundwater Remediation
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