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Patent Detail: Polyoxometalate Intercalated Layered Double Hydroxides

Patent Detail

Superfund Research Program

Polyoxometalate Intercalated Layered Double Hydroxides

Number: 5,079,203
Year: 1992
Patent Status: Issued
Authors: Pinnavaia, T.J., T. Kwon, E.D. Dimotakis, J. Amarasekera

This disclosure describes the synthesis of layered double hydroxide compositions interlayered by polyoxometalate anions with Keggin-type structures and having the formula [M.sub.1-x.sup.ll M.sub.x.sup.lll (OH).sub.2 ]A.sub.x/n.sup.n-.yH.sub.2 O, wherein, M.sup.ll is a divalent metal and M.sup.lll is a trivalent metal, A is an anionic polyoxometalate of negative charge n, x range between 0.12 to 0.8, and y is a positive number. The products exhibit well-defined XRD peaks corresponding to uniformly crystalline layered products with basal spacing values.gtoreq.14 .ANG..

Associated Projects:

  • Michigan State University: Functional Nanostructures of Groundwater Remediation
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