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University of California-Berkeley

Superfund Research Program

Research Translation Core

Project Leader: Martyn T. Smith
Co-Investigator: Lisa Alvarez-Cohen
Grant Number: P42ES004705
Funding Period: 2006-2022

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Project Summary (2017-2022)

The University of California (UC) Berkeley Superfund Research Program (SRP) Center Research Translation Core (RTC) works in collaboration with projects and cores to communicate with NIEHS and other Centers; create strong partnerships with government agencies; translate scientific accomplishments from problem-based research in environmental health and engineering sciences to our stakeholders; transfer knowledge and technologies to end users; and to communicate with broad audiences interested in environmental health. Research translation is designed into the structure of the UC Berkeley SRP Center and is part of each project and core. The RTC is integrated with the Administrative Core, creating strong continuity. This integration builds upon competencies achieved in previous project periods in use of social media, methods for effective communications with engaged lay audiences and multidisciplinary audiences, and coordination of investigator-initiated research translation. The RTC provides understandable results in ways that are appropriate to the context. The RTC and Administrative Core ensure communications with NIEHS and other Centers using preferred tools as they evolve. Core leaders participate in conference calls, webinars, and working groups to contribute to the SRP enterprise.

The RTC creates a hub for investigators and trainees to enhance communications and training within the UC Berkeley SRP Center. The RTC uses highly innovative approaches to create on-going bidirectional communications with partners in government agencies including US EPA, Cal EPA, and ATSDR. The RTC established Key Stakeholders for each project to facilitate this. The RTC and investigators link scientific research to pathways for uptake of science by government agencies. The RTC provides research findings and engages agencies to support the production of sound and scientifically justified assessments. The Key Stakeholders provide input throughout implementation and extend the conduit of information from the RTC directly into the stakeholder organizations. The RTC and project investigators work with organizations established at UC Berkeley to transfer technologies to end-users. Strategies include patenting, licensing, and development of new companies to commercialize technologies. The RTC uses an integrated suite of methods to ensure communications with end users and broad audiences. These include a traditional web site; email newsletters; sharing research online using video via YouTube with supporting content in the connected online environment; development and expansion of a Twitter feed supported by web posted images and supporting web-based materials; Facebook, and a LinkedIn site to encourage professional connections.

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