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Texas A&M University

Superfund Research Program

Exposure Assessment, Modeling and Applied Studies on Remediation of Complex Mixtures

Project Leader: Robin L. Autenrieth
Grant Number: P42ES004917
Funding Period: 2000-2008

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Project Summary (2000-2005)

The goal of this project is to develop improved methods for the remediation and risk assessment of complex mixtures of hazardous wastes. Separate component studies will: monitor and model environmental exposures in three diverse areas; estimate bioavailability in vitro and in vivo using rodent and swine models; and conduct a series of bench, pilot and field scale trials to develop remedial procedures for contaminated media. Additional studies are investigating factors affecting natural attenuation at the San Jacinto Wetlands Research facility in Channelview. In addition, pilot and field scale trials are investigating the utility of the clay-based technologies developed in Project 5. Other bioremediation studies are being conducted at two field sites, which have been monitored by our program for the last five years, and additional sites selected by the USEPA Office of Solid Waste Bioremediation in the Field Program. The outcome of this research will be a clearer understanding of the controlling processes that can be used to reduce the uncertainty associated with exposure to complex mixtures, and to improve techniques for detoxification of these mixtures.

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