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University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Superfund Research Program

Chemistry Core

Project Leaders: Louise M. Ball, Louise M. Ball
Grant Number: P42ES005948
Funding Period: 1995-2018

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Project Summary (1995-2000)

Important functions of the Chemistry Core are to furnish critical intermediates and standards, to aid in the development or improvement of techniques in quantitation, and to characterize analytes of concern. The Mass Spectrometry Facility is a subunit of the Core, and is charged with an important role in structural characterizations and quantitative analysis by using a variety of mass spectrometric techniques. This role includes development or improvement of derivatization techniques for GCMS determinations in collaboration with the synthesis laboratory. The Facility also develops ionization techniques for enhanced acquisition of mass spectral data from refractory samples. The Core is also a resource for consultation with Research Projects on questions concerning matters such as interpretation of spectroscopic data, structural assignments, and reactivity.

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