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Louisiana State University

Superfund Research Program

Administrative Core (ARRA Funded)

Project Leader: Barry Dellinger
Grant Number: P42ES013648
Funding Period: 2009-2011

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Project Summary (2009-2011)

The Administrative Core provides the overall program coordination, management, record keeping, and budget administration functions for the program. The core is staffed by: 1) the Program Director, Dr. Barry Dellinger; 2) the Associate-Director for biomedical research, Dr. Wayne Backes, 3) the Assistant Director for administration, Ms. Denise Rousseau Ford, and 4) the administrative assistant, Ms. Tina Black. In addition, Mr. Jerry Steward, the independent QA/QC and Health & Safety Officer for the program, reports to Dr. Dellinger through the Administrative Core. The administrative core will provide the following management and administrative functions:

  • Provide overall program coordination and oversight.
  • Coordinate the biomedical research projects, non-biomedical research projects, and support cores through the director and two co-directors.
  • Prepare reports and other written communications.
  • Monitor program expenses and provide reporting to the sponsor.
  • Keep internal financial records such as overhead return and cost-sharing allocation.
  • Initiate university paperwork such as appointments and personnel forms.
  • Provide a centralized location for internal and external communication.

Both internal and external advisory committees will be established to provide management and technical oversight of the program as well as advice to the Director and co-Directors on critical issues. These individuals have been identified and letters of commitment have been received. Weekly administrative staff meetings, biweekly project/core leader meetings, and monthly research seminar/discussions will facilitate the coordination of the program.


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