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FASEB Journal : Official Publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (80 articles)


  • Escolano C, Bagan A, Turcu AL, Morisseau C, Loza MI, Brea J, Bartra C, Sanfeliu C, Hammock BD, Vazquez S. 2022. A new family of subnanomolar inhibitors of soluble epoxide hydrolase. FASEB J 36(S1):doi:10.1096/fasebj.2022.36.S1.R2281



  • de Conti A, Tryndyak VP, Willett RA, Borowa-Mazgaj B, Watson A, Patton R, Khare S, Muskhelishvili L, Olsen GR, Avigan MI, Cerniglia CE, Ross SA, Sanyal AJ, Beland FA, Rusyn I, Pogribny IP. 2020. Characterization of the variability in the extent of nonalcoholic fatty liver induced by a high-fat diet in the genetically diverse collaborative cross mouse model. FASEB J 34:7773-7785. doi:10.1096/fj.202000194R PMID:32304142 PMCID:PMC755243


  • Bailey KA, Moreno E, Haj FG, Simon SI, Passerini AG. 2019. Mechanoregulation of p38 activity enhances endoplasmic reticulum stress-mediated inflammation by arterial endothelium. FASEB J 33:12888-12899. doi:10.1096/fj.201900236R PMID:31499005 PMCID:PMC6902662
  • Connick J, Reed JR, Backes WL. 2019. Physical interactions between heme oxygenase 1 and the cytochromes P450 in the endoplasmic reticulum membrane. FASEB J 33:
  • Fuchs R, Reed R, Backes WL. 2019. The effect of cholesterol depletion on the localization of CYP2D6. FASEB J 33:
  • Hye Khan A, Kolb L, Skibba M, Yeboah MM, Chesnik MA, Hwang SH, Hammock BD, Imig JD. 2019. A novel dual soluble epoxide hydrolase inhibitor/cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor treats Type 2 Diabetic complications in complications in obese ZSF1 rats. FASEB J 33:
  • Saha A, Connick J, Reed JR, Backes WL. 2019. Identifying the regions involved in the interactions between CYP1A2 and CYP2B4. FASEB J 33:
  • Vasquez S, Codony S, Pizarro J, Loza MI, Brea J, Morisseau C, Hammock BD, Vasquez-Carrera M. 2019. Synthesis of a new family soluble epoxid hydrolase inhibitors, in vitro profiling and in vivo evaluation in a murine model of acute pancreatitis. FASEB J 33:


  • Vazquez-Medina J, Dodia C, Weng L, Mesaros C, Blair IA, Feinstein SI, Chatterjee S, Fisher AB. 2016. The phospholipase A2 activity of peroxiredoxin 6 modulates NADPH oxidase 2 activation via lysophosphatidic acid receptor signaling in the pulmonary endothelium and alveolar macrophages. FASEB J 30(8):2885-2898. doi:10.1096/fj.201500146R PMID:27178323 PMCID:PMC4970605


  • Mazagova M, Wang L, Anfora A, Wissmueller M, Lesley S, Miyamoto Y, Eckmann L, Dhungana S, Pathmasiri W, Sumner S, Westwater C, Brenner DA, Schnabl B. 2015. Commensal microbiota is hepatoprotective and prevents liver fibrosis in mice. FASEB J 29(3):1043-1055. doi:10.1096/fj.14-259515 PMID:25466902 PMCID:PMC4422368


  • Flynn AN, Hoffman J, Tillu DV, Sherwood CL, Zhang Z, Patek R, Asiedu MN, Vagner J, Price TJ, Boitano S. 2013. Development of highly potent protease-activated receptor 2 agonists via synthetic lipid tethering. FASEB J 27(4):1498-1510. doi:10.1096/fj.12-217323 PMID:23292071 PMCID:PMC3606532
  • Franzosa JA, Bugel SM, Tal TL, La Du JK, Tilton SC, Waters KM, Tanguay RL. 2013. Retinoic acid-dependent regulation of miR-19 expression elicits vertebrate axis defects. FASEB J 27(12):4866-4876. doi:10.1096/fj.12-225524 PMID:23975936 PMCID:PMC3834785
  • Moreau-Marquis S, Coutermarsh BA, Jackson BP, Stanton BA. 2013. The ∆F508 Mutation of CFTR alters the polarized distribution of DMT1 and ferroportin in human airway epithelial cells. FASEB J 27(1):
  • Park J, Reed JR, Brignac-Huber LM, Cawley GF, Eyer M, Backes WL. 2013. Organization of cytochrome P450 system components in the endoplasmic reticulum. FASEB J 892.3:


  • Jiang XF, Pan H, Nabhan JF, Krishnan R, Koziol-White C, Panettieri RA, Lu Q. 2012. A novel EST-derived RNAi screen reveals a critical role for farnesyl diphosphate synthase in beta 2-adrenergic receptor internalization and down-regulation. FASEB J 26:1995-2007. doi:10.1096/fj.11-193870 PMID:22278941 PMCID:PMC3336790
  • Tal TL, Franzosa JA, Tilton SC, Philbrick KA, Iwaniec UT, Turner RT, Waters KM, Tanguay RL. 2012. MicroRNAs control neurobehavioral development and function in zebrafish. FASEB J 26(4):1452-1461. doi:10.1096/fj.11-194464 PMID:22253472 PMCID:PMC3316906



  • Chastain PD, Nakamura J, Rao S, Chu H, Ibrahim J, Swenberg JA, Kaufman DG. 2010. Abasic sites preferentially form at regions undergoing DNA replication. FASEB J 24(10):3674-80. doi:10.1096/fj.09-145276 PMID:20511393 PMCID:PMC2996904
  • Eum SY, Andras IE, Choi Y, Hennig B, Toborek M. 2010. Caveolae/lipid raft modulates TNF-alpha-induced upregulation of cell adhesion molecules in human brain endothelial cells. FASEB J 24:604.1.
  • Eum SY, Choi Y, Andras IE, Hennig B, Toborek M. 2010. Lipid raft-dependent NADPH oxidase regulates polychlorinated biphenyls-induced expression of cell adhesion molecules in human brain endothelial cells. FASEB J 24:750.9.
  • Zheng Y, Layne J, Toborek M, Hennig B. 2010. The roles of caveolin-1 and heme oxygenase-1 in EGCG-mediated protection against TNF-alpha-induced endothelial inflammation. FASEB J 24:541.10.


  • Chen L, Swartz KR, Toborek M. 2009. Novel surgical technique for direct substance or cell delivery into the cerebral vasculature. FASEB J 23:832.6.
  • Choi Y, Eum SY, Hennig B, Toborek M. 2009. NADPH oxidase is involved in polychlorinated biphenylmediated alterations of tight junction proteins in cells ofthe gastrointestinal tract. FASEB J 23:570.7.
  • Eum SY, Choi Y, Radakovic M, Andras IE, Hennig B, Toborek M. 2009. Polychlorinated biphenyls induce adhesion of breast cancer cells to human brain endothelium through lipid raft-dependent upregulation of cell adhesion molecules. FASEB J 23:739.22.
  • Eum SY, Choi Y, Radakovic M, Andras IE, Toborek M. 2009. Lipid raft-associated signaling pathways are involved in polychlorinated biphenyl-induced disruption of tight junction in human brain endothelium. FASEB J 23:637.6.
  • Huang W, Eum SY, Andras IE, Hennig B, Toborek M. 2009. PPARalpha and PPARgamma attenuate HIV-induced dysregulation of tight junction proteins by modulations of matrix metalloproteinase and proteasome activities. FASEB J 23(5):1596-1606. doi:10.1096/fj.08-121624 PMID:19141539 PMCID:PMC2669424
  • Seelbach MJ, Chen L, Choi Y, Yinan W, Layne J, Hennig B, Toborek M. 2009. Novel model of brain metastasis formation: the influence of polychlorinated biphenyls on blood-brain barrier integrity and brain metastasis. FASEB J 23:1020.9.
  • Zheng Y, Oesterling EG, Toborek M, Hennig B. 2009. Flavonoids protect against endothelial dysfunction by induction of hemeoxygenase-1. FASEB J 23:717.11.


  • Barbosa-Sicard E, Popp R, Fisslthaler B, Hammock BD, Falck JR, Busse R, Fleming I, Keseru B, Dietrich A, Gudermann T, Weissmann N. 2008. Epoxyeicosatrienoic acids and the soluble epoxide hydrolase are determinants of pulmonary artery pressure and the acute hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstrictor response. FASEB J 22(12):4306-4315. doi:10.1096/fj.08-112821 PMID:18725458 PMCID:PMC2614611
  • Bradbury JA, Graves J, Degraff LM, Zhao X, Imig JD, Pedersen TL, Newman JW, Hammock BD, Conley AJ, Korach KS, Zeldin DC, Athirakul K, Ma J, Zhao Y, Couse JF, Quigley R, Harder DR, Coffman TM. 2008. Increased blood pressure in mice lacking cytochrome P450 2J5. FASEB J 22(12):4096-4108. doi:10.1096/fj.08-114413 PMID:18716027 PMCID:PMC2614614


  • Chastain PD, Nakamura J, Swenberg JA, Kaufman DG. 2006. Nonrandom AP site distribution in highly proliferative cells. FASEB J 20(14):2612-4. PMID:17068113
  • Eum SY, Rha GB, Hennig B, Toborek M. 2006. c-Src-mediated interleukin-8 overexpression and migration of endothelial cells: implications in PCB-mediated tumor metastasis. FASEB J 20:A1147.
  • Lei W, Toborek M, Hennig B. 2006. Omega-3 but not omega-6 fatty acids protect against TNF-alpha induced endothelial cell activation. FASEB J 20:A605.
  • Sipka SM, Eum SY, Pu H, Hennig B, Toborek M. 2006. Structure-function relationship of PCB-mediated induction of proinflammatory mediators in vivo. FASEB J 20:A641.


  • Bunaciu RP, Spear BT, Glauert HP. 2005. The effect of Kupffer cell inhibition on hepatocyte cell proliferation in rats administered PCB-77 or PCB-153. FASEB J 17:A1165:
  • Eum SY, Lee YW, Hennig B, Toborek M. 2005. Role of EGF receptor/MAP kinases in activation of human microvascular endothelial cells by exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls. FASEB J 19:A1067.
  • Gosh DG, Viswanathan S, Toborek M, Hennig B. 2005. Linoleic acid induces proinflammatory events in vascular endothelial cells via activation of PI3/AKT and ERK1/2 MARK signaling. FASEB J 19:A1006.
  • Sellers KW, Sun C, Diez-Freire C, Waki H, Morisseau C, Falck JR, Hammock BD, Paton JF, Raizada MK. 2005. Novel mechanism of brain soluble epoxide hydrolase-mediated blood pressure regulation in the spontaneously hypertensive rat. FASEB J 19:626-628. PMID:15659536
  • Wang L, Reiterer G, Toborek M, Hennig B. 2005. Different ratios of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids can modulate proinflammatory events in endothelial cells induced by TNF-D and environmental contaminants. FASEB J 19:A442.


  • Eum SY, Lee YW, Hennig B, Toborek M. 2004. Specific non-coplanar PCBs disrupts barrier function and increase transendothelial migration of breast cancer cells. FASEB J 18:A187.
  • Kevil CG, Pruitt HM, Kavanagh TJ, Wilkerson J, Farin FM, Moellering D, Darley-Usmar VM, Bullard DC, Patel RP. 2004. Regulation of endothelial glutathione by ICAM-1: implications for inflammation. FASEB J 18(11):1321-3. PMID:15180961
  • Lee YW, Eum SY, Hennig B, Toborek M. 2004. Potential role of cytochrome P450 3A4 (CYP3A4) in the PC104-mediated barrier dysfunction of human microvascular endothelial cells. FASEB J 18:A991.
  • Majkova Z, Guo H, Reiterer G, Everson WV, Smart EJ, Toborek M, Hennig B. 2004. Role of caveolin in proatherogenic inflammation caused by PCBs in vascular endothelial cells. FASEB J 18:A870.
  • Viswanathan S, Lei W, Wu G, Toborek M, Hennig B. 2004. Linoleic acid activates vascular endothelial cells via peroxynitrite formation. FASEB J 18:A102.


  • Bunaciu RP, Robertson LW, Spear BT, Glauert HP. 2003. Effect of inhibition of Kupffer cell activation by dietary glycine on hepatic cell proliferation in rats. FASEB J 17(5):A1165Part2Suppl.S.
  • Choi W, Eum SY, Lee YW, Hennig B, Robertson LW, Toborek M. 2003. PCB 104 induces oxidative stress and stimulates proinflammatory reactions in human vascular endothelial cells: relationship to cancer metastasis. FASEB J 17:A272.
  • Eum SY, Lee YW, Hennig B, Robertson LW, Toborek M. 2003. PCB 104 increases permeability of human microvascular endothelial cells: involvement of matrix metalloproteinases. FASEB J 17(5):A1082-A1082Part2Suppl.S.
  • Franklin CC, Rosenfeld-Franklin ME, White CC, Kavanagh TJ, Fausto N. 2003. TGF beta 1-induced suppression of glutathione antioxidant defenses in hepatocytes: caspase-dependent posttranslational and caspase-independent transcriptional regulatory mechanisms. FASEB J 17(11):1535-1537. PMID:12824300
  • Harp C, Stafine N, Bunaciu RP, Lu Z, Tharappel JC, Robertson LW, Spear BT, Glauert HP. 2003. Influence of purified diets on the induction of cell proliferation by the hepatic tumor promoters 2,2',4,4'5,5'-hexachlorobiphenyl (PCB-153) and the peroxisome proliferator ciprofibrate. FASEB J 17(5):A1155Suppl.S.
  • Meerarani P, Reiterer G, Toborek M, Hennig B. 2003. The role of PPAR³ signaling in endothelial cell dysfunction induced by linoleic acid. FASEB J 17(4):A122-A122Part1Suppl.S.
  • Ramadass P, Robertson LW, Toborek M, Meerarani P, Hennig B. 2003. Dietary phenolics modulate PCB-induced endothelial toxicity. FASEB J 17:A1361.
  • Reiterer G, Meerarani P, Toborek M, Hennig B. 2003. Zinc augments the anti-inflammatory properties of PPAR agonists in vascular endothelia cells. FASEB J 17(4):A304-A304Part1Suppl.S.
  • Su T, Waxman DJ. 2003. Impact of dimethyl sulphoxide on expression of nuclear receptors and drug-inducible cytochromes P450 (CYPs) in primary rat hepatocytes. FASEB J 17(4):A240-A240Part1Suppl..
  • Viswanathan S, Smart EJ, Toborek M, Hennig B. 2003. CD 36 enhances long chain fatty acid-medicated oxidative stress: implications in atherosclerosis. FASEB J 17:A882-A883.


  • Choi W, Lee YW, Hennig B, Robertson LW, Toborek M. 2002. PCB-induced inflammatory reactions in human endothelial cells: implication in cancer metastasis. FASEB J 16:A961.
  • James MO, van den Hurk P, Kubiczak GA, Robertson LW, Lehmler H. 2002. Hydroxylated PCBs that are poor substrates but good inhibitors of UDP-glucuronosyltransferase in the channel catfish. FASEB J 16:A573.
  • Lee YW, Hennig B, Toborek M. 2002. Redox-regulated mechanisms of IL-4-induced MCP-1 expression in human vascular endothelial cells. FASEB J 16:A211.
  • Reiterer G, Sali A, Meerarani P, Viswanathan S, Kelly L, Toborek M, Hennig B. 2002. The plant phenolics quercetin and resveratrol protect against linoleic acid-induced endothelial cell activation. FASEB J 16:A642.
  • Viswanathan S, Hammock BD, Meerarani P, Toborek M, Hennig B. 2002. Mechanisms of linoleic acid-induced endothelial activation: possible involvement of epoxide metabolites in mediating the inflammatory response. FASEB J 16:A157.


  • Bahn A, Graber-Neufeld DS, Godehardt S, Hillemann A, Burckhardt G, Wright S. 2001. Role of the organic anion transporter 1 (OAT1) in renal heavy metal detoxification. FASEB J 15:A434.
  • Islinger F, Wright S. 2001. Handling of the mercury-chelator DMPS (2,3-dimercapto-1-propane-sulfonic acid) by the human organic anion transporter (hOAT1). FASEB J 15:A853.
  • Mahabir S, Frenkel K, Brady MS, Coit D, Lewis JJ, Leibes L, Roush G, Berwick M. 2001. Antibodies against 5-hydroxymethyl-2-deoxyuridine: a pilot trial. FASEB J 15:A282.
  • Viswanathan S, Narayan P, Hammock BD, Meerarani P, Toborek M, Hennig B. 2001. Linoleic acid-derived epoxides alter calcium and nitric oxide metabolism in endothelial cells. FASEB J 15:A190.


  • Al-Mutairi E, Godleski J, Koziel H, Bullock BP, Paulauskis JD. 2000. Genetic response of human alveolar macrophages to residual oil fly ash particles. FASEB J 14(4):A171.
  • Hennig B, Meerarani P, Kaiser S, Toborek M. 2000. Inflammatory events and fatty acid-induced activation of vascular endothelial cells. FASEB J 14:A199.
  • Stearns R, Clarke RW, Rice T, Al-Mutairi E, Oakberg K, Paulauskis JD, Godleski J. 2000. Compositional heterogeneity influences induction of lung inflammation by residual oil fly-ash. FASEB J 14(4):173.


  • Bhatia SN, Balis U, Yarmush M, Toner M. 1999. Effect of cell-cell interactions in preservation of cellular phenotype: co-cultivation of hepatocytes and non-parenchymal cells. FASEB J 13(14):1883-1900. PMID:10544172
  • Lu Z, Spear BT, Lee EY, Robertson LW, Glauert HP. 1999. Activation of hepatic NF-ÇB by a single dose of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs). FASEB J 13:681.10.
  • Slim RM, Toborek M, Malecki A, Robertson LW, Hennig B. 1999. Protective role of vitamin E on PCB-induced dysfunction of vascular endothelial cells. FASEB J 13:651.17.
  • Tharappel JC, Robertson LW, Lee EY, Spear BT, Glauert HP. 1999. Effect of the PCBs 2,2',4,4',5,5'-hexachlorobiphenyl (PCB-153) and 3,3',4,4'-tetrachlorobiphenyl (PCB-77) on cell proliferation and the activation of the transcription factors NF-ÇB and AP-1 in rats treated with diethylnitrosamine (DEN). FASEB J 13:162.3.


  • Echeverria D, Aposhian HV, Woods JS, Heyer NJ, Aposhian MM, Bittner AC, Mahurin RK, Cianciola ME. 1998. Neurobehavioral effects from exposure to dental amalgam Hgo: new distinctions between recent exposure and Hg body burden. FASEB J 12(11):971-980. PMID:9707169
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  • Miller TE, Ha R, Golemboski KA, Dietert RR. 1996. Lead-induced immunotoxicity on an avian macrophage cell line. FASEB J 10(3):A167.
  • Shi MM, Godleski J, Paulauskis JD. 1996. An oxidative stress increases macrophage inflammatory protein-1α mRNA levels by increasing transcription of the gene and by transcript stabilization. FASEB J 10:156.


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  • Shi MM, Godleski J, Paulauskis JD. 1995. Effect of oxidative stress on inflammatory cytokine mRNA expression in rat alveolar macrophages. FASEB J 9(4):346.
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