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Journal of Contaminant Hydrology (56 articles)


  • Huang Y, Knappett PS, Berube M, Datta S, Cardenas M, Rhodes KA, Dimova NT, Choudhury I, Ahmed KM, van Geen AF. 2022. Mass fluxes of dissolved arsenic discharging to the Meghna River are sufficient to account for the mass of arsenic in riverbank sediments. J Contam Hydrol 251:104068. doi:10.1016/j.jconhyd.2022.104068 PMID:36108569




  • Brusseau ML, Mainhagu J, Morrison C, Carroll KC. 2015. The vapor-phase multi-stage CMD test for characterizing contaminant mass discharge associated with VOC sources in the vadose zone: Application to three sites in different lifecycle stages of SVE operations. J Contam Hydrol 179:55-64. doi:10.1016/j.jconhyd.2015.05.006 PMID:26047819 PMCID:PMC4520789
  • Mainhagu J, Morrison C, Brusseau ML. 2015. Using vapor phase tomography to measure the spatial distribution of vapor concentrations and flux for vadose-zone VOC sources. J Contam Hydrol 177-178:54-63. doi:10.1016/j.jconhyd.2015.03.002 PMID:25835545 PMCID:PMC4456264








  • Brusseau ML, Nelson NT, Zhang Z, Blue JE, Rohrer J, Allen T. 2007. Source-zone characterization of a chlorinated-solvent contaminated Superfund site in Tucson, AZ. J Contam Hydrol 90(1-2):21-40. doi:10.1016/j.jconhyd.2006.09.004 PMID:17049404


  • Pravecek TL, Christman RF, Pfaender FK. 2006. Microbial bioavailability of pyrene in three laboratory-contaminated soils under aerobic and anaerobic conditions. J Contam Hydrol 86:72-86. PMID:16574273


  • Hageman KJ, Field JA, Istok JD, Semprini L. 2004. Quantifying the effects of fumarate on in situ reductive dechlorination rates. J Contam Hydrol 75(3-4):281-296. PMID:15610903
  • Jordan FL, Sandrin SK, Frye RJ, Brusseau ML, Maier RM. 2004. The influence of system complexity on bacterial transport in saturated porous media. J Contam Hydrol 74(1-4):19-38. PMID:15358485
  • Kneafsey TJ, Hunt JR. 2004. Non-aqueous phase liquid spreading during soil vapor extraction. J Contam Hydrol 68(3-4):143-164. PMID:14734243
  • Srivastava R, Sharma PK, Brusseau ML. 2004. Reactive solute transport in macroscopically homogeneous porous media: analytical solutions for the temporal moments. J Contam Hydrol 69(1-2):27-43. PMID:14972436
  • Zhang Z, Brusseau ML. 2004. Nonideal transport of reactive contaminants in heterogeneous porous media: 7. distributed-domain model incorporating immiscible-liquid dissolution and rate-limited sorption/desorption. J Contam Hydrol 74(1-4):83-103. PMID:15358488


  • Johnson GR, Gupta K, Putz DK, Hu Q, Brusseau ML. 2003. The effect of local-scale physical heterogeneity and nonlinear, rate-limited sorption/desorption on contaminant transport in porous media. J Contam Hydrol 64(1-2):35-58. doi:10.1016/S0169-7722(02)00103-1 PMID:12744828
  • Yolcubal I, Dorn JG, Maier RM, Brusseau ML. 2003. The influence of substrate and electron acceptor availability on bioactive zone dynamics in porous media. J Contam Hydrol 66(3-4):219-237. PMID:14568400


  • Dalla E, Hilpert M, Miller CT. 2002. Computation of the interfacial area for two-fluid porous medium systems. J Contam Hydrol 56(1-2):25-48. PMID:12076022
  • Henry EJ, Smith JE. 2002. The effect of surface-active solutes on water flow and contaminant transport in variably saturated porous media with capillary fringe effects. J Contam Hydrol 56(3-4):247-270. doi:10.1016/S0169-7722(01)00206-6 PMID:12102321


  • Li L, Yolcubal I, Sandrin SK, Hu MQ, Brusseau ML. 2001. Biodegradation during contaminant transport in porous media: 3. Apparent condition-dependency of growth-related coefficients. J Contam Hydrol 50(3-4):209-223. doi:10.1016/S0169-7722(01)00111-5 PMID:11523325
  • McCray JE, Bai G, Maier RM, Brusseau ML. 2001. Biosurfactant-enhanced solubilization of NAPL mixtures. J Contam Hydrol 48(1-2):45-68. PMID:11291481
  • Park J, Chen Y, Kukor JJ, Abriola LM. 2001. Influence of substrate exposure history on biodegradation in a porous medium. J Contam Hydrol 51(3-4):233-256. PMID:11588828


  • Boving TB, Brusseau ML. 2000. Solubilization and removal of residual trichloroethene from porous media: Comparisons of several solubilization agents. J Contam Hydrol 42:51-67.
  • Bradford SA, Phelan TJ, Abriola LM. 2000. Dissolution of residual tetrachloroethylene in fractional wettability porous media: Correlation development and application. J Contam Hydrol 45(1-2):35-61.
  • Willson CS, Pau O, Pedit JA, Miller CT. 2000. Mass transfer rate limitation effects on partitioning tracer tests. J Contam Hydrol 45:79-97.


  • Brusseau ML, Xie LH. 1999. Biodegradation during contaminant transport in porous media: 1. Mathematical analysis of controlling factors. J Contam Hydrol 37(3-4):269-293.
  • Jewett DG, Logan BE, Arnold RG, Bales R. 1999. Transport of Pseudomonas fluroescens strain P17 through porous media as a function of water content. J Contam Hydrol 36(1,2):73-89.


  • Bai G, Brusseau ML, Maier RM. 1998. Influence of cation type, ionic strength and pH on solubilization and mobilization of residual hydrocarbon by a biosurfactant. J Contam Hydrol 30:265-279.
  • Johnson WP, Cabral K, Lion LW, Corapcioglu YM. 1998. Reconciliation of expressions for the modified retardation factor and incorporation of non-linear effects. J Contam Hydrol 32:247-266.


  • Bradford SA, Abriola LM, Leij FJ. 1997. Estimating wettability effects on two- and three-fluid relative permeability relations. J Contam Hydrol 28:171-191.
  • Brusseau ML, Srivastava R. 1997. Nonideal transport of reactive solutes in heterogenous porous media: 2. Quantitative analysis of the Borden Natural-gradient Field Experiment. J Contam Hydrol 28(1-2):115-155.
  • Hayden NJ, Voice TC, Wallace RB. 1997. Residual gasoline saturation in unsaturated soil with and without organic matter. J Contam Hydrol 25:271-281.
  • Maraqa MA, Wallace RB, Voice TC. 1997. Effect of degree of water saturation on dispersivity and immobile water in sandy soil columns. J Contam Hydrol 25:199-218.
  • Masten S, Davies S. 1997. Efficacy of in situ ozonation for the remediation of PAH contaminated soils. J Contam Hydrol 28:327-335.


  • Srivastava R, Brusseau ML. 1996. Nonideal transport of reactive solutes in heterogeneous porous media: 1. Numerical model development and moments analysis. J Contam Hydrol 24(2):117-143.


  • Brusseau ML. 1995. The effect of nonlinear sorption on transformation of contaminants during transport in porous media. J Contam Hydrol 17:277-291.
  • Szatkowski A, Imhoff PT, Miller CT. 1995. Development of a correlation for aqueous-vapor phase mass transfer in porous media. J Contam Hydrol 18(1):85-106.
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