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Superfund Research Program

Biomaterials (impact factor: 12.479)


  • Zhang W, Lanzoni G, Hani H, Overi D, Cardinale V, Simpson S, Pitman W, Allen A, Yi X, Wang X, Gerber D, Prestwich G, Lozoya O, Gaudio E, Alvaro D, Tokaz D, Dominguez-Bendala J, Adin C, Piedrahita JA, Mathews K, Sethupathy P, Carpino G, He Z, Wauthier E, Reid LM. 2021. Patch grafting, strategies for transplantation of organoids into solid organs such as liver. Biomaterials 277:121067. doi:10.1016/j.biomaterials.2021.121067 PMID:34517276



  • Vozzi G, Flaim C, Ahluwalia A, Bhatia SN. 2003. Fabrication of PLGA scaffolds using soft lithography and microsyringe deposition. Biomaterials 24(14):2533-2540. PMID:12695080
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