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Dataset Details

Superfund Research Program

Title: Transcription profiling by high throughput sequencing of immature aerial tissues of A. thaliana seedlings grown at the low and elevated CO2 concentrations

Accession Number: E-MTAB-4447

Link to Dataset:

Repository: ArrayExpress

Data Type(s): Gene Expression

Experiment Type(s): RNA-seq of coding RNA

Organism(s): Arabidopsis thaliana

Summary: To gain initial insight into the regulatory mechanisms by which signalling in response to an elevated CO2 concentration exerts CA1- and CA4-dependent repression of stomatal development, we conducted high-throughput RNA-seq transcriptomics on immature aerial tissues of A. thaliana seedlings grown at the low (150 p.p.m) and elevated CO2 concentrations (500 p.p.m). Hypocotyls and cotyledons of developing seedlings (5 DAG; WT and ca1 ca4 mutant plants; n 1,000 per sample) grown in the low and elevated CO2 concentrations were used as source tissue to extract total RNA and conduct RNA-seq experiments using the HiSeq 2000 platform (Illumina). The raw data from three independent biological replicates (experiments).

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