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Harvard School of Public Health

Superfund Research Program

Outreach - Community-Based Participatory Project

Project Leaders: Ann S. Backus, Karl T. Kelsey
Grant Number: P42ES005947
Funding Period: 1995 - 2006

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Project Summary (2000-2006)

Project investigators are continuing the Visiting Scholars program, the Research Seminar Series and are developing two new programs: a Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping Program for teams from the departments of health and environmental protection in the New England states and a Toxics Mapping Program for high school students.

The Visiting Scholars Program is broadening the knowledge scholars have of hazardous waste, remediation, fate and transport of toxins. The Research Seminar Series involves collaboration with the SBRPs at Boston University (David Ozonoff, PI) and Dartmouth (Joshua Hamilton, PI). Participants interface with the US EPA Region I office. Project investigators have also established a relationship with New Mission High School in Roxbury. Researchers are working with educators to further develop environmental studies curriculums.

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