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University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Superfund Research Program

Mathematical and Statistical Analysis and Modeling Core

Project Leader: Cass T. Miller
Grant Number: P42ES005948
Funding Period: 2000 - 2011

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Project Summary (2006-2011)

The purpose of the Mathematical and Statistical Analysis and Modeling Core is to provide an efficient organization for the quantitative support required by all projects in the UNC SBRP. The range of support needed includes experimental design and data analysis, statistical modeling, mechanistic model formulation, stochastic modeling, and model solution. Specific applications include models of fluid flow and contaminant transport, remediation of contaminated environments, exposure assessment, and statistical and physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling. The Core comprises a quantitative, interdisciplinary team with backgrounds in deterministic and statistical modeling, biostatistics, applied mathematics, and computer science. Collectively, this group provides quantitative support through application of known methods and approaches. It also provides leadership in method development for areas of investigation in the Center with particular need for innovative modeling approaches.

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