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University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Superfund Research Program

Administrative Core

Project Leader: James A. Swenberg
Co-Investigator: Michael D. Aitken
Grant Number: P42ES005948
Funding Period: 1995-2018

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Project Summary (2006-2011)

The Administrative Core has primary responsibility for oversight and guidance of the UNC SBRP. This includes the overall planning and coordination of UNC SBRP research activities, fostering interdisciplinary interaction, enriching the program through seminars and retreats, scheduling meetings of the Executive Committee and the Internal and External Advisory Committees, as well as fiscal and resource management and planning. The UNC SBRP includes 6 research projects, 2 research support cores, a Training Core, a Research Translation Core and the Administrative Core. The Administrative Core is lead by Dr. Swenberg, Director of the UNC SBRP. He is assisted by Professor Aitken, Deputy Core Leader, and Ms Evelyn Kidd, Program Manager. The goals of the core are to: foster strong interdisciplinary interactions and high productivity of the research projects and cores; manage the fiscal resources of the program; organize and schedule quarterly meetings of the Executive Committee, an annual retreat for all UNC SBRP researchers, enrichment seminars and annual meetings of the Internal and External Advisory Committees; work with the Training Core to support pre- and postdoctoral training in interdisciplinary science relevant to the SBRP; and utilize the Research Translation Core to maximize communication with the NIEHS, government agencies,communities, the public, and potential users of the technology developed by the UNC SBRP research team.

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