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University of Kentucky

Superfund Research Program

Administrative Core

Project Leader: Bernhard Hennig
Co-Investigator: Lindell E. Ormsbee
Grant Number: P42ES007380
Funding Period: 2000-2020

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Project Summary (2008-2014)

The Administrative Core will oversee the entire Superfund Basic Research Program through a management mechanism that allows efficient and accountable oversight and maximum interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary interactions among all participants. The Administrative Core will be responsible for the coordination, planning, assessment, project accounting, and administrative support to the research personnel of the University of Kentucky SBRP. A major objective of the Administrative Core is to facilitate the execution of an interdisciplinary research theme through administrative support and fiscal accountability.

The Administrative Core will work especially closely with the Research Translation Core to optimize communication with NIEHS, EPA, and state and local constituents; communication is also facilitated by an active website that is managed by the Research Translation Core with input from the Administrative Core. Research efforts will be coordinated through biweekly meetings of faculty, students and research staff, as well as seminars, where new findings and planned activities and ideas will be discussed. It will also be critical to discuss research findings for informative/educational activities, technology transfer, training, policy, and translational purposes as part of the objectives of the Research Translation, Community Outreach, and Training Cores. The Administrative Core will implement feedback and cross-talk between all project and core activities to allow for maximum integration. For example, optimal detection and remediation of Superfund pollutants must be linked to risk assessment and biomedical aspects of degradation products. Accountability of the University of Kentucky SBRP activities, including the quality of science and administration, will be achieved through regular consultations with both the External and Internal Advisory Boards. Research quality assessment and statistical consultation will be managed through the Research Support Core. General fiscal responsibilities or project accounting will be coordinated through the Administrative Office in conjunction with the University of Kentucky Research Foundation. The Administrative Core's Program Coordinator, together with the Program Director, will serve as a regular contact among all SBRP activities, including Research Projects and Cores, and will coordinate all reports required by the sponsoring agencies.

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