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University of California-San Diego

Superfund Research Program

Administrative Core

Project Leader: Robert H. Tukey
Grant Number: P42ES010337
Funding Period: 2000-2023

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Project Summary (2005-2010)

The Program Director, Dr. Robert Tukey, is responsible for the coordination and daily activities of the Administrative Core. Michelle Feiock, the Program Administrator assists him. This core ensures that individual research projects, support cores, outreach, research translation and the training cores meet the goals outlined by the NIEHS and the Superfund program and operate in a highly integrated fashion. This responsibility includes overseeing the UC San Diego SBRP to assure the administrative needs are met and that the program works in harmony with counterparts at the EPA, NIEHS, ATSDR, and other cooperating government agencies. To help meet individual project and programmatic goals, the Administrative Core works to provide support and services to the project leaders through the following mechanisms:

  1. In coordination with the Program Administrator and other university staff, oversee the financial obligations of the program.
  2. Provide the necessary services to meet the needs of the staff and research faculty to assure that their programs operate in a smooth and efficient fashion.
  3. Work with the individual Project Leaders and the UCSD Technology Transfer office to examine the feasibility of commercial applicability and facilitate the translation and commercialization of applicable technologies developed during the funding period.
  4. As needed, help to coordinate the activities of the Outreach and Research Translation Core with the EPA, State, City and other government agencies;
  5. Provide opportunities for effective communication by overseeing the coordination of special seminars and research presentations;
  6. Serve as the central point of contact for the organization of necessary meetings which include senior leadership of the External and Internal Advisory Committees, on campus and off campus Outreach and Research Translation meetings, and other working group meetings such as graduate student seminars,
  7. Organize and submit documentation to the NIEHS staff as needed, including yearly progress reports and the non-competitive renewals,
  8. Working with the Research Translation Core, assure mechanisms are in place for data sharing and dissemination, and
  9. Provide scientific-content oversight in the continuing development of the core’s SBRP Regional Workbench Consortium Web site designed to stimulate communication across SBRP projects and cores, while linking the core’s science to the needs of government, community, and industry partners.
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