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Your Environment. Your Health.

University of California-Davis

Superfund Research Program

Development of Rapid, Miniaturized Sensors for Use in the Detection of Environmental Toxins

Project Leader: Ian M. Kennedy
Grant Number: P42ES004699
Funding Period: 2000-2015

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Project Summary (2000-2005)

The Superfund Basic Research Program at UC-Davis has developed a range of bioassays for use in the detection of environmental toxins or their metabolites. It is the goal of this project to take the next step in the evolution of these various assays and develop rapid, small scale, multianalyte, sensitive instruments for use in the application of these assays. This project integrates capabilities in mechanical design and manufacturing with microfabrication capabilities and advanced optical diagnostics. At the basic level, the goal of this project is to develop fast, automated systems for implementing bioassays using existing markers. This involves the use of robotics and optical readers and the development of miniaturized systems. More advanced formats and detection schemes for fluorescent labels and microdot systems are also being explored to improve sensitivity, detection limits and turn around time in the analysis of environmental samples.

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