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University of Louisville

Superfund Research Program

Administrative Core

Project Leader: Sanjay Srivastava
Co-Investigator: Aruni Bhatnagar
Grant Number: P42ES023716
Funding Period: 2017-2022

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Project Summary (2017-2022)

The Administrative Core provides administrative and fiscal support to all projects and cores supported by the University of Louisville Superfund Research Program (UL SRP) Center. The Core is directed by the Center Director, who with assistance from the Program Administrator facilitates communication and collaboration between individual cores and projects, and provides scientific and logistic oversight to Center activities. The Core acts as a liaison for individual Center members to best promote collaboration, to ensure all Center work effectively contributes issues relevant to the SRP, and to maximize the dissemination and application of research findings through the Community Engagement Core and the Research Translation Core.

To assist in the planning and coordination of activities, the Core organizes scientific work-in-progress sessions, biweekly meetings, relevant focus groups, and frequent formal and informal interactions. To integrate cross-disciplinary research, the Core provides leadership and administrative support needed for integration and coordination of research. The Core leverages existing resources to optimize the productivity of the Center, and seeks input from both an Internal Advisory Committee and an External Advisory Committee in evaluating progress and in maintaining the relevance of Center activities to the SRP mandates. The Core maintains close contact with NIEHS program staff and with University of Louisville administration. The Core also manages the finances and resources of the Center to optimize usage and appropriate allocation. They also coordinate the timely development of progress reports and financial statements.

To ensure quality management, the Core monitors and facilitates attainment of Center objectives in research, training, education, and community engagement. These activities promote communication and collaboration among investigators, and facilitate the sharing of reagents, tools, specimens, and data to ensure the most effective allocation and use of Center funds. The Administrative Core is the go-to place for students and trainees, community members, public media and press so that all such activities can be appropriately facilitated and coordinated.

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